Danni Washington is not just a businesswoman; she’s a visionary whose efforts span across the tax, mental health, trucking, and culinary industries. With a solid foundation in psychology, Danni combines her passion for service with her entrepreneurial spirit to empower and uplift communities.


About Danni

Danni Washington is a highly respected figure in various industries, including tax, mental health, trucking, and restaurants. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology and is particularly passionate about mental health. Danni gained recognition as a traveling therapist before shifting her focus to credit repair and tax solutions. She founded the Association of Rich Tax Professionals, which has grown to 32 locations across the south and west coast. Additionally, Danni is an entrepreneur and has invested in businesses such as a trucking company, a renowned restaurant, and a supportive housing nonprofit. Her dedication to service and expertise have established her as a respected leader.

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