Belle Vous Beyond Nail Spa

Elevating Beauty and Relaxation to New Heights

Belle Vous Beyond Nail Spa, meticulously crafted by Chestine “Danni” Washington, represents the pinnacle of luxury nail care and aesthetic treatments. Situated in the stylish community of Frisco, TX, our salon is committed to delivering an unparalleled experience that soothes, beautifies, and exceeds every expectation.

A Sanctuary of Style and Serenity

At Belle Vous Beyond, we understand that visiting a nail spa is not just about beauty—it’s about a retreat from the daily grind. Our spa is designed to be your personal sanctuary where elegance meets comfort. With a tranquil ambiance, modern décor, and a soothing palette, we create an environment that enhances your relaxation and enjoyment.

Services Tailored to Your Desires

Our extensive menu of services ensures that every aspect of your nail and skin care is covered with the utmost attention to detail:

Luxurious Manicures and Pedicures: From classic treatments to our signature luxury options, we offer a variety of manicures and pedicures that promise beautiful results and complete relaxation.
Advanced Nail Artistry: Our talented technicians specialize in bespoke nail art, from subtle elegance to bold designs, using high-quality polishes and advanced techniques.
Skin Care Treatments: Elevate your beauty routine with our facial and skin care services that cater to all skin types, featuring top-tier products and rejuvenating techniques.
Wellness Focused Add-ons: Complement your visit with enhancements like paraffin treatments, hot stone massages, or aromatherapy to enrich your experience.
Expert Care with a Personal Touch

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to not just meeting, but exceeding your beauty needs. Each member is carefully selected and trained to provide expert advice, meticulous service, and personalized care. At Belle Vous Beyond, we believe that every client deserves VIP treatment, and our staff works tirelessly to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and radiant.

Commitment to Excellence

We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, using state-of-the-art sterilization techniques to ensure a safe and pristine environment. Our commitment to quality extends to the products we use, all of which are selected for their effectiveness and alignment with health and beauty standards.

Join Us for a Day of Indulgence

Belle Vous Beyond Nail Spa invites you to step away from the ordinary and indulge in an extraordinary care experience. Whether you’re preparing for a special event, treating yourself to a deserved break, or maintaining your impeccable style, our doors are open to provide you with nothing but the best.

Visit us at to explore our services, book appointments, and learn more about our special offers. At Belle Vous Beyond Nail Spa, beauty is beyond skin deep—it’s an essential part of your well-being.

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